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Louisiana Decoy Company is a LSU student founded and owned company. (Currently studying for a Juris Doctorate at Paul M. Hebert Law Center).

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Ways Our Patent Pending Goose Decoys can be used: 

  1. Full body 
  2. Water:  Used as a floater (kit included).
  3. Half Body: with conversion kit (included). 
  4. Blind Door Decoy. 

*Multiple uses so you don't have as many decoy types and can get to  more hunting while keeping more money in your pocket.

Bienvenue!  Here at Louisiana Decoy Company, LLC we are doing exciting things with decoys. Our 3-in-1 Foldable Goose decoys are truly remarkable!   These decoys take the hassle of out of carrying in all those rigid plastic decoys since they are foldable. The decoys are full body goose decoys that can be used as a half-body, for ice  and even can be used as floaters with a simple conversion piece. Whether your a seasoned goose hunter or a duck hunter trying to bag a few bonus birds our 3-in-1 decoys are perfect for you!

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The Story of Louisiana Decoy Company

The Great State of Louisiana resides in the heart of the Mississippi Flyway, where each year it receives hundreds of thousands of ducks and geese. These Ducks and Geese  have been hunted for the last 2000 miles on their great journey south. Naturally,  by the time they get to South Louisiana they have seen it all. Every decoy spread configuration, great and poor callers , and every half way brushed blind. In response to this, Louisiana hunters have had to be extremely creative to harvest these "educated"  birds. From this ingenuity came Louisiana Decoy Company.  With most of our hunts being on public land, getting goose decoys incorporated with our duck decoy spread often was not practical. The hard body decoys  took up too much space. Even worse, changing water levels too often made it impossible to set the spread effectively. The need quickly arose for a product that could do it all! We needed a decoy that is A full-body, a floater, and Half body while taking very little space in our boats. We searched everywhere for a decoy that satisfied our needs and it was no where to be found. Obviously, we needed an entirely new product. Thus the 3-in-1 foldable goose decoy was born! These decoys can do it all! No more putting heads on decoys, worrying if the water is too deep or too shallow, and how to get 3 dozen goose decoys to my hunting spot.  We quickly realized that our goose decoy spread was one of the most natural spreads with our 3 head positions, and floater, half body, full body mix. We finally had the perfectly customized spread that we needed to get the wary birds in our face. There was no way we were going back to paying for shells, full-body, and floating hard plastic decoys!! That struggle was just a distant memory now that we had our 3-in-1 decoy! So give our decoys a try on your next hunt you will surely be glad you did!  


If you have any questions or comments about our products, Contact us at louisianadecoy@gmail.com

Media: Facebook: Louisiana-Decoy-Company / Twitter: @LouisianaDecoy 


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